Cookimind is an electronic cookbook in which various cookbooks and recipes can be imported from cooking portals. 

App Idea

The electronic cookbook


Cookbook & cooking portals combined in one app

Analogue cookbooks can be imported using QR codes, while favourite cooking portals can be selected with a click.

Search & find recipes

Cookimind searches all imported data from cookbooks and portals for recipes. In Rezept Zauber, the user receives suitable cooking suggestions based on the ingredients he or she has at home.

Get inspiration 

The app presents a variety of recipes to inspire the user to try new dishes.

Advantages of the App


Cookimind is especially aimed at people who like to cook and bake. Thanks to Cookimind, cookbooks and selected favourite portals can be searched for recipes without much effort. But even inexperienced hobby cooks can benefit from the diverse and useful functions. Some of the advantages of Cookimind are listed here:

All recipes in one place

Save recipes from physical books, e-books and cooking portals on one device

Favourite Cooking portals

Add only those portals you like and keep the overview


Get inspired by personalised recipe suggestions

Rezept-Zauber / Recipe Magic

Simply enter the ingredients you have at home and let them suggest recipes for you.

Favourite Recipes

Save your favourite recipes so you always have them at hand

Filter function

The function allows you to search for text recipes, video recipes or forum posts, for example.

cooking with Kids

In this section you will find simple and healthy recipes that you can cook with children.

New Cookbooks

Buy new cookbooks directly from the Cookimind shop

App Screens

App Screens of Cookimind

Use Case

Julia is 23, environmentally conscious and loves to cook. She likes to try out new recipes and regularly buys cookbooks for them. However, space is getting tight and Julia unfortunately has to keep giving books away. In addition, her favourite recipes are scattered across many different books. She finds out about a new app, Cookimind!

With Cookimind, Julia can take all her cookbooks into the kitchen with her as e-books. In addition, she can access well-known platforms such as, etc. at the same time when searching for recipes. This means she has all her "recipe sources" bundled in one app.

She downloads the app onto her tablet and opens it. In the start-up process, she first logs in. Then she can add the cookbooks she has already bought using the QR one-time code. She can also log in to Amazon Kindle and the e-cookbooks she has already purchased are automatically synchronised. In the next step, she selects her favourite cooking portals. Now she has created a basis.

Having reached the start screen, she searches for a recipe - she wants to make pizza herself today. Cookimind immediately displays hundreds of recipes from her cookbooks and the cooking portals. Julia filters them by video instructions - she feels like watching someone else cook today - and decides on a focaccia recipe. She enters the number of people, the app calculates the amount of ingredients - and she's ready to go. A perfect Italian evening is about to begin.

The next day, Julia has only a few ingredients left in the fridge. Cookimind has a great function built in, the "magic recipe". Julia enters the ingredients still in the fridge - courgettes, peppers, couscous, grilled cheese and coconut milk. Cookimind immediately lists a wide variety of dishes that can be cooked from the combination of the ingredients mentioned. Great, so all the ingredients are put to good use. 



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